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Default Re: Out of the Shadows

You're right Blakenstein, there's usually a lot of work that goes unseen when most people look at something like these bikes.

Originally Posted by rkorson4209 View Post
Please excuse my ignorance, but what is that tube coming off of your carb with the red on it. I really love that schwinn, great choice on the tank
On the Dellorto carb the fuel line is on the left side. These carbs allow you to loosen a screw and tilt the gas line towards your tank. The first red thing you see is an inline fuel filter and the second red thing is an inline on/off valve. I picked them both up at Advance Auto in the lawnmower parts.

Originally Posted by fuzzball View Post
I like the front disc brake. Can't see it real clearly, but looks like it's drilled for heat dissapation. Did you add this to your existing front wheel, or is the whole assembly new?. I'd like to add some kind of front brake. My old Schwinn only has the stock coaster brake. Great build!
To get the disc brake I got a mountain bike front wheel that had the hub made for the rotor. I then welded a plate onto the springer fork for the caliper to bolt to. It took some figuring.

If I needed a good front brake without that much work I would likely go with a drum brake. You can buy the front wheel already assembled with a drum, and you can buy the bracket to clamp to a springer fork. If you're running a standard fork you may or may not be able to find the bracket, but you should be able to make one fairly easily.

Or like Silverbear said, calipers bolt right onto the hole in the fork, and while they aren't very powerful, they are better than a coaster brake alone.

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