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But I gotta ask - "angle plug 66/80" - that would be the Chinese in frame with a slant head right? Wheel size? You runnin a small rim? Cause the average here is an in frame w/a 44t (stock) on 26"ers and most seem quite pleased, some switch to a 36t *shrug*

Seems a lil odd unless yer runnin on a BMX or somethin' [/QUOTE]

I know what you're sayin there. It's a regular 26" mountain bike(Olpran). For some reason my experience with gearing is different than most peoples. At 30mph this thing is screaming! It also doesn't have much trouble going up steep hills. It slows down, but it's far from needing pedal assistance. The smallest sprocket that I see on Thatsdax is already 36t. Any other links?
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