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Default Re: Quieter ride

A longer exhaust system helps with quieting the noise, as does simply having the system end behind you;

The final extension on my SBP expansion chamber exhaust is just a length of heater hose, takes a lil bit of the "bang" out of the sound - but I put it there so it wouldn't spew on my packs/kickstand lol

A bit more work, but this helps quite a bit;

Also - the gear howl is quite loud on these things, Joe mentioned gluing a mouse pad to the cover - that is prolly the most effective, but I just took the cover off and sprayed the inside of the cover with "rubberized undercoating" (after cleaning it ofc). While that does help - keeping those gears lightly greased quiets them the most lol

But as Joe said - the tensioner is responsible for a surprising amount of noise vibration - aligning it to the chain is critical for many reasons but noise is a biggie

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