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Default Re: new member - first install - questions? of course

Hi Guys,

Thanks again for the replies.

I sure wish it was as simple as adjusting the clutch cable tighter, but no go. I can pull the actuator in as far as it goes and the pedal stiffness does not change at all.

In the current adjustment state shown in the pictures, the cable is tight, if it were any tighter, the clutch lever would begin to actuate. When the lever is pulled to the actuated state shown in the picture, with the motor running, the rear wheel will not turn if lifted off of the ground. If the lever is in the unactuated state, the motor will die if the rear wheel is kept from turning.

As I stated above, even with the pressure plate entirely removed, the drag is still there, so I do not see how an unadjusted clutch cable could cause the drag.

Does this make sense?


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