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Thank you both for your responses.

Near a grand is quite an investment for me (full time student seriously lacking time) so it's really reassuring to have the positive reviews reiterated.

And, thank you, I'll look around to see if I can find a Jag.
(and, after a bit of poking around...)
I can't seem to find the Jag (for sale new, at least).
However, it seems that the Landmark has just about the same geometry as the Jaguar.
(And the Landmark, Point Beach, and Delmar look to be the same bike, just with different options)

I'll poke around the forums and look for more pics/installs to see what I should be looking for.

Something that would be very helpful—do you have specifications for how much room I need in the frame (or any other EZM specifics)?

I was looking for an online installation manual (or anything, really) to tell me what to look for, but I can't find it. I guess I can go off the measurements of the Jaguar if I can find them.

This'll probably be much easier once I get in contact with the dealer in Rockville, but I like to know just about everything before I commit.
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