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Originally Posted by silverbear View Post
Welcome to the forum, David. You'll do fine on your build. Don't hesitate to ask anything you want. Any idea what bike you'll mount the motor on?
I'm more focused on what kit I'm going to buy than what bike.
Whatever fits and is cheap, really.
The downtown Target will hopefully have some cheap bikes in stock. If not, I'll travel to walmart.

Either way, I'd like to go with a cruiser. I think they look really cool with the in-frame motors.
Like little badass motorcycles.

I am thinking of spending the initial dough and springing for an EZ Motorbike kit.
I haven't seen very much complaining about the aforementioned, and I'm looking for all the qualities it is said to have (4-stroke, quiet (most important), reliable).

I've known I wanted some type of motorized transportation for a while...
But I can't commit if I don't feel 100%, and I'm glad I never committed to a scooter.
With a motorized bike, I can fix anything on it.
With a scooter, I'd have to take it somewhere to get things repaired (my friend recently blew out a tire on her scooter, so now it's out of commission. if it had bike tires, I could have had her riding in half an hour)

A scooter would actually be cheaper (around 500 used, 700 new for the cheapies) but I'd rather go for simplicity and reliability. Plus (a huge plus!) I can take this bike back/forth/wherever with the right sized vehicle. A scooter would have meant renting a trailer if I ever want to take it far.

And, to answer your question:
Probably a Schwinn Legacy or Southport, or a Huffy Cranbrook.
I have to go back through the forums and note which of these got the best responses, because I know I've seen posts with these bikes in them.

I'm long winded.
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