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Default Hello from DC


I'm bad at introductions...
I get all nervous and sweat a bit...
and then I get too casual and curse in front of your mother.

I'd like to (build/buy) a motorized bicycle ASAP.
It's getting chilly in DC, and, as much as I love biking, it sucks to get sweaty and cold...
Not only that, but pedaling with a heavy backpack on SUCKS.
And if I move back to PA I can throw this thing in the trunk like a bike and not have to rent a trailer (which would be the case if I got a scooter).

Not only that, but these things are too cool.

I have some experience maintaining bikes (I've a hand-me-down Schwinn Sprint that's older than me, and a Raleigh Technium Prestige that's... older than me!).
Actually, I need to find time to work on the Sprint. It's getting haggard.

But I've no experience with engines...
Other than owning go-carts and tinkering on...
On second thought, I've more experience than most of my friends with engines. And more common sense than a brick.

I'm rambling. I'll end it here.

Best regards,
David K

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