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Default Re: chain tensioner replacement

Originally Posted by papirican71 View Post
hi all. this is my first post, and i hope there is somone here who can help me. since i felt that the tensioner wheel that came stock with the kit was garbage, i looked for other ways to make this better. i noticed in the one post on here that someone used a idler sprocket (17t) from tractor supply company and just mounted it to the stock tensioner bracket. So i purchesed the idler sprocket, but have no idea how to go about mounting it to the tensioner bracket being that the sprocket has a huge hole in the center. does anyone have ideas on how i could mount this sprocket to the tensioner? I know that i would need a bolt, washer, lock washer, and a nut to secure it all , but i don't know what size. please help!
Dood... The stock tensioner wheel might be garbage, but it will work!
But if the feeling of needing to tinker with building a better one overcomes you, then be creative! Start watching those chopper shows! Go to your LHS & look at all the nuts & bolts & washers & bushings & stuff & try to find something that will work. You'll be proud of yourself once you fixed it!
Good luck, & post some pics of what you build... we like pics!!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot... Welcome to the forum!
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