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Default Re: removing and adding chain links on motorized bicycle chain

I,ve had the Park Mini Chain Brute for many years(C T -5) and it will only fit bike chains Ive found myself using it a lot more than I thought that I would.
My motor chain is very small and will not fit in chain press( #25 H d a) made out of same material as helicopter timing chains. I just used a vice and a tapered punch to push out the bushing pin. The presses in chain factorys are very fast and hard and will create a rivetting effect. Take a pin completly out of used link that u dont need -look at both ends and u will see they are exactly the same. If I had system like yours, I would have one for my motor chain also. Just take your chain into store and make sure the press that u buy is the right one. that way u can be sure.
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