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Default Re: new member - first install - questions? of course

Hi everyone, thanks for the replies.

I guess it would help if I knew how much drag is considered normal.

If I lift the back wheel off the ground with the clutch actuated, I can spin the crank by hand if it is oriented so that I am pushing down, but once the crank becomes vertical, it is too difficult to spin the crank by hand.

So, how much drag is normal? Should it still be relatively easy to pedal the bike when the clutch is depressed. That is can one expect to be able to travel on the bike without the motor,or should we consider the pedals to be an emergency only option?

Today I removed the left side clutch cover and noticed some interference marks from the chain as in this thread:

I clearanced the cover, but noticed to real difference in the pedal stiffness.

I also removed the right side cover and totally removed the flowernut and pressure plate and again, the pedal stiffness did not change.

As stated in my first post, the pedals spin freely when the chain from the jackshaft to the motor is removed, so the stiffness must either be from the clutch pucks dragging on the backside clutch plate as shown in the 2nd post in this thread:

Or the stiffness is from the cross shaft itself.

I believe that if I remove the entire large gear/hub/clutch assembly, then I will be able to determine if the stiffness is from the clutch dragging on the back plate, or if it is from the cross shaft itself. If the stiffness is from the back plate, then the cross shaft will spin freely with the large gear removed.

Can anyone confirm that this is true?


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