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Default Re: 48cc vs. 69cc.

Originally Posted by bandito View Post
68cc vs 48cc hmm, lets see if you get caught here in CO with the 68cc 1st theres a no insurance ticket $750, no plates or registration $300, if the cops having a bad day theres a whole slew of safety violations you can get nailed with that can cost hundreds, if it happens a second time on the no insurance you can get your vehicle impounded and a trip to jail. Thats just on your second ride, shall we continue? Any thing with a 68cc motor motorcycle rules apply. For now 48cc your ok.
On the other hand, an officer would be hard pressed to insist your engine is 68cc if you say it is 48cc unless there is a plate or sticker saying what it is. Mine have been unmarked other than one which had a sticker, easily removed. I'm a pretty honest person, but have no trouble fibbing on this one. Actually, come ta think of it, all my motors are 48CC now that you ask. Heh heh heh...They just go faster than most of the other 48's fer some reason. Probly the oil.
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