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Default Re: High Speed Rear Blowouts

You have the right size tire and tube on the rim. You might try increasing the pressure by say 10lbs. Does the valve stem fit real tight in the rim hole when you install the tube? Mine just drops in on my rim and fits very loosely in the hole. Is the rim hole jagged and may need to be filed smooth?........."Q: What is the deal with rim locks?
A: Rim locks are used on wheels to prevent your tire from slipping around the rim. This can occur if you are running your tires at very low pressures. Common when riding off road. If your tire turns on the rim it can pull the valve stem through the wheel or tear it off completely leaving you with a flat. They are fairly simple to install but it requires removal of the tires and tubes and this can be more work than the rim lock installation. The rear is the more critical wheel to lock as it is subjected to the forces of driving the bike forward. Install them opposite the valve stem to minimize the affect they will have on wheel balance.
Riding Tips FAQ for Tips on Riding in Sand or Off-Road."
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