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Default Re: Caution new builders

I guess this should go in another thread but here it is anyway.

My last motorbike was a GT mountain bike with a rack mount Robin motor. the motor was great but the bike beat me to death. (I commute 45 miles each way but work once a week) I moved the motor onto a new Phat cruiser and Oh what a difference. Lost 2 to 3 mph mostly due to lower pressure tires and more upright seating but it was soooo much more comfortable than the mountain bike frame.

2 days after completing it someone cut a 4 foot section of fence from my work and stole it with my bike attached.

This is the replacement. Wanted to play with the frame mount this time and have always liked 2 strokes. Yes I'm old. My first motorcycle was a bridgestone 90. this grubee does bring back memories!

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