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Default Re: Still Cruising.

Originally Posted by sojudave View Post
When I go balls out the vibes kick in hardcore. I should probably rubbermount the engine in the near future.
Part of that is the knobby tires, part of it is the "4stroking" that all these china motors do. Check to make sure your chain isn't "tightening and loosening" as you turn the back wheel - a sign of an offset rear sprocket, it's responsible for a LOT of vibration at speed.

It's great to hear of another commuter and it's awesome yer bikes treating you well!

A word of advice though, do not "soft mount" your engine. While this does reduce the vibration in the frame of the bike and as a result lessens what you feel - it can actually accent the engine's vibration - resulting in sheared motor mounts, fuel frothing, and assorted other issues. While you could use hard polyurethane mounts to try to reduce felt vibration - it really isn't worth the bother, get gel grips to go with your sprung seat and attempt to reduce vibration by tuning your (entire) bike as best you're able.

Jim's sprocket adapter is a a good start, the tensioner/guide is another source of vibes - if you can get rid of it altogether obv. that's the best, if you cant - a spring-loaded version would help a lot. If you can get knobby tires that have interlocking center tread that helps a lot too - I run them myself

How long is your commute? Got any pics of yer build? I wanna see! o.o

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