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Default Still Cruising.

I've been getting more serious about my bobber cruiser called "idiot face." Today I rode to work on after adding a wallyworld springer seat and an LED light kit. My trip to work is about 14mi round trip. I'd feel better with an extra headlight. The seat has helped out alot with the vibes I experienced last Sunday when I rode to work. Since I thinned my oil/fuel mix with synthetic, I've noticed more get up and go in the engine. When I go balls out the vibes kick in hardcore. I should probably rubbermount the engine in the near future. I don't think the Mt bike tires I got on the thing do much to help out the vibes but I like the look. I have 18" apes on it and they are pretty comfortable. Last week I was expecting to breakdown somewhere between work and home, when I didn't I was pleasantly suprised. This week I had less reservations. I'm feeling very confident with this thing. When I get back home, I'll give it a good look over and make sure everything is still tight.
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