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Default Re: diy Lighting System

Originally Posted by karma1968 View Post
wow i got 1.2volts... ok now on to the next idea heh.

how about a tool motor mounted under the motor with a vacuum belt?

it worth a try if it works i will need to source out a aluminum pully
Tool motor? Like an older 12v DC cordless driver acting as a genset? I've given that some thought myself as we repair power tools where I work and so there's quite a few cordless tools kickin' around w/o battery packs. As just replacement batteries often cost as much as a new kit, tool included - that's not really a surprise.

I've a coupla concerns though, the biggest is I don't think the bearings can take the prolonged high speed use - not even the quality tools, but... mebbe? Gotta be better than the Walmart gennys right? Another is they're not even vaguely weather-resistant, but I suppose the most important is I dunno if they can be easily/conveniently brought up to speed.

The drill/drivers have a reduction gearbox of course, and this would help. It's "draggy" as heck... so I was thinkin' a sprocket drive somehow... there's another "mebbe" lol I'm not sure all tools would act as gensets when spun, some have very puzzling circuit boards and whatnot. I also had the thought that the 14.4s might be more appropriate for charging a 12v sys as you do need about 13v... but it's not like these come with a regulator and you might well succeed on getting more than 12v out of the older 12v tools if they're spun overspeed...

The 14.4s are a lil easier to find these days tho lol

I was thinkin' something like this as with the 90 head it has mounting options, couldn't be used as a tensioner as the bearings/shaft are in question to begin with... and ofc it's $150 new lol;

BOSCH Cordless Screwdriver Kit, Volts 12.0 VDC, Drill Speed 0 to 600 RPM, Max Torque 80 In-Lb, 90 Degree Articulating Head

So yeah - sorry about that, I didn't really provide any answers lol If ya do try this, I'll be watchin'


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