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Post Jim? CE/MM Sprocket Adapter =)

Hopefully Jim aka manic mechanic is going to read this and reply?

Well, recently i was riding to work one day (btw my bike was runnin great about 35mph and WAS doing awesome) was going great UNTIL i heard a crackin/breakin/wtf sound. and i stopped for that reason or my bike stopped me either way LOL so i got off the street as soon as possible, looked at my bike on the sidewalk and saw my derailleur on the pedal side ripped/bent into my wheel the opposite where it should be.

Missing and broke about half the spokes :O so luckily i was next to a repair shop and they cut off the broken spokes pedal start didnt work for obvious reasons and i had the shop guy push me to start it, got to work and left work with a push from customer. got home and realized i was screwed. So I am obviously going to get a new wheel and put the tire on the new wheel cause its fine. BUT I heard that these sprocket mountings rubber/metal/bolts on one side of the spokes works but it could go wrong, even tho thats not my problem i dont want to take it apart cause it would jus be a pain and its all messed up rubber that is (like jus messed up in the spokes/cut/ripped/not worthy of putting on new wheel.

FYI i live next to the best bike shop in america, they r always interested in my motorized bike and will even work on it for me, they got rid of my stupid tensioner and tightened the chain perfectly and its so smooooth they did this for FREE OMG gonna have them put tire on wheel/adapter kit on too.

SOOOO I heard about your sprocket adapters and really liked what i saw. As you put it it turns the whole wheel not 1 side of the spokes, so i want to go full out and next pay check and buy your item. Now i kno i have to do some measuring for ya, but will do that once i get the rim Q: what is the hub is it the round cylinder in the middle of the wheel? What exactly is a spoke flange? Newbie sry AND yes i want to buy the sprocket with it, although im wondering if the little sprocket on the pedal side is included????? how exactly does the adapter go on?? the "hub"? Thanks. and i am very serious about buying your adapter sooo ya.

So has anyone bought from CE?? aka MM?? I'm pretty sure your awesome/fine dude, have only heard great things so far and really like the look and (reliability??) of your adapters

when all is fixed will take a vid and post on the tube and share my awesome bike with everyone with my new 10 megapixel nikon coolpix point and shoot YAY

BTW i jus bought a leather tool holder for the front of my bike (attaches to the handlebars) and one of those funny trumpet squuesh HONK!!HONK horns jus for looks LOL and a bike cover @ WAL-MART I recommend everyone that has no more room in there garage and is keeping there bike outdoors that u buy a cover cause i leave mine outside (no room in garage) and have already seen some rusting so BUY A COVER you'll thank me LOL

my motor is attached to my frame with a u clamp (from sickbikeparts) universal LARGE mount (cruiser) and the motor is from BGF and i haven't had any problems runs great, upgraded the air filter also from sickbikeparts and the bike is a '09 schwinn jaguar from target, didnt realize wal-mart has a better/great selection, i was there and really liked the Huffy silver (to match motor) one with FENDERS (cruiser) looked bad azz but have to stick with what i got jus wanted to share my build LOL throttle is from Cyclegear and is awesome HEAVY duty bmx chain too

Now only gotta get a speedometer LOL and maybe a lighting system..........................
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