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Originally Posted by Tim Mills View Post
Hey Dan, yeah im doing goog jus ready to get the heck outta here. I got my dax f80 the other day, im very pleased looking at these other guys kits i think i got a good deal. Too bad for me they have completely shut us down from riding them here SUCKS. But this is giving me time to study up, I have to figure out a way to get my bike back to the states, i need a big box lol. Oh yeah i scored a 80 cc skyhawk too for 75 bucks the whole kit it is used but the guy bought it, put it on a few months ago in a hurry i tweeked it an mostly i have been riding it. So basicly his lack of interest became my reward lol. This will be a great engine for my wifes build, this way she can see how fun it is too(never hurts to kiss up) lol thanks for replying Tim
Dunno if you have access 2 UPS or the like. But they have boxes just for bikes. (ditch the bike but send the engine and parts home) I just sent a Point Beach to IL from CT. Cost more then the bike is worth. Slapped the Honda in a box for cheap though. Does the military help with some thing like a personal possession shipping, like a MB?

If you need a box, lemme know. If I can't find one, will get one shipped over.

75 bucks? score!!!

OH! Good choice going with Dax. Great guy and biz. He really looks out for us

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