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Default Headlights?

Ladies and germs,

I'm looking for a decently powerful bullet headlight - preferably LED. I found a few online - all with horrible reviews of shorting out and not working properly. The reason the LED is important is because the bike path that takes me in and out of town is through this little valley with bright lights on each side of me (between West World, the three parks, the hospital, and the surprisingly very well light community); basically the silhouette of the lights around me keep me eyes dilated while the path in front of me is pitch black - at night I often times veer off the path because I can't see it well enough. So, I ask, whereabouts can I find an LED chrome/black bullet headlight? Preferably something reliable...maybe even something you yourself have owned and operated with satisfaction.

- or -

Does anyone know what the procedure is to convert a run-of-the-mill bullet light fixture into an LED fixture?
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