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Default Re: The creation of CRU


Please copy and paste this form into email and send it to me, this is the CRU registration form. Thank you.
If you're curious why I need that information...

I will be registering CRU as either a charity, or a business that gives a lot to charity. Each member of the business/charity will also have to be registered. I will notify when this is in process. If I go the business route, leaders may continue to run as a CRU group, or they may choose to go the business end with me. (Do what I'm doing here, there.) Obviously profit will be involved, but so will a lot of charity. Dedication will be required, but that's not till much further down the road. For now, no worries, nothing will change.
Here's the form. Please copy, and save it, to give to new recruits, as well as fill it out for me. Thanks guys, I'll keep you posted.

Charity Riders United
Entrance Form
Please fill out all information and return promptly. If youʼd like to send this information
through email, please just copy and paste this form into a new message, and fill it in
there. Thank you.
Postal/Zip Code:
Some requirements as leader of your city;
-Must be active in finding and recruiting more CRU riders
-Make a website for your cityʼs CRU chapter
-Attend local rallies if available
-After a few riders are gained in your cityʼs chapter, a rally will be organized in your city.
Any CRU chapters in the vicinity can attend/assist that rally, further assisting the growth
of the motor bicycle world.
-Maintain periodic contact with CRU president for updates and new registries.
As a part of Charity Riders United, you are helping to grow a community of well
intending motorized bicycle riders. You will be helping many people in need, all around
the world. There is no profit made with CRU, you will not receive a paycheck. Any profit
made by CRU, will go into the next rally. The goal is to unify and take a bit of well
deserved respect for what we do. With CRU, we can change the world, one small step
at a time. Thank you for joining us, I look forward to your cities rally, where we can
shake hands and feel accomplished.
CRU President,
Damien Hannah
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