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Red face Regional Motorized Bicycle Get togethers

I was talking with a friend of mine from Alabama (Toker Ace) and we were discussing how much fun it would be to have regional motorized bicycle get togethers. For alot of us in the midwest and northern parts of the country the motorized bicycle riding is about over for the season, but this gives us all winter to come up with some ideas. I know some people would be willing to go alot farther than others to meet. And obviously you would want to have a way to haul your motorized bicycle to the event if you were going to go several hundred miles.
This hobby is just growing so fast I think it would be a blast. I know it would take alot of organizing for different parts of the country, but I figured it would be a perfect time of year to start throwing the idea around.
There are so many creative minds on this site, let's try to come up with some ideas.
What do you think?

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