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Default Re: Chain problems

o_O IF yer talkin' about regular bike chain - yeah it's fine and the link is handy, but if yer talkin bout the chain for the engine that extra master link wont fit and the Walmart breaker failed me on it's first attempt - it's far too small for the 415 chain supplied with these kits let alone the upgraded 41 chain, it can work but it doesn't seem worth the trouble even at only $5. The drive pin doesn't align with the chain's pin (it's for regular bike chain) and the alloy the breaker is made of is substandard, the first is frustrating - the second ends any further attempts lol;

To quote myself from another thread ;
I've tried about every method there is... except a proper chain breaking tool lol Funny - as we have a "professional" one at work, huge and bench mounted

I've found the easiest method by far (other than the proper tool ofc lol) is to grind down one pin flush and instead of trying to drive it out with a hammer & nail or w/e - cut one side of the link itself. Now you can twist that tab to the side a bit and simply pop it off with a pair of pliers - the pin and other side of the link will now fall right out.

While you do need a lil cutoff wheel to do this, it's so much easier than trying to drive the pin out - I wouldn't do it any other way.

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