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Default Re: Monarch springer fork and drum brake

I have a Worksman front drum wheel on a pair of Crossbow/Monark forks.
I don't have a pic posted anywhere now, but I just cut a notch in the drum bracket that straddles one of the bolts I used on the fork linkages. Getting the front wheel back on is a bit of a task and the drum brake sits at an odd angle but it works just fine.

I bought mine a couple years back, so I'm not sure what they're shipping now.
The forks had problems in the past--the front dropout spacing was too narrow (about 90mm vs. 100mm, which is what MTB wheels use now) and the head tube was too narrow to mount regular bearings (had to use a shim under the lower head tube bearings, shim not included).

....The 90mm axle spacing leads me to think that they were originally set up to fit true vintage bicycles (those using 1950's-era wheels) but a number of people complained so they might have "modernized" those aspects of it.

I also had to use different bolts; the ones as shipped would not work with the lower linkages "flipped" outside the lower fork ends, and the bolts only had a single nut and so wouldn't stay together anyway (the bolts were cut just long enough for one nut, so you could not screw another nut on against the first).
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