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Cool spokes break on brand new rim..

Hey i just installed a bmp FD kit on my gary fisher with a dax titan. I was riding it this evening when i noticed a loud pop. I looked down and one of the supporting rods had become loose and the screw was gone. I then noticed that one of the spokes broke away from the rim. I proceded to ride b/c my house was not 20 feet away and another spoke broke loose. What do you think the problem was in this case.. i was carrying a 50 lb bag of groceries on my back and i weigh 180 lbs. I was thinking maybe the screw popped loose and got caught up in the wheel and broke a spoke but i am curious of your opinions. Thanks so much for your help...

P.S where can i get a good rear rim that wont break/ how can i prevent this from happening again...
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