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Default Re: Chain problems

You'll need a tool called a 'chain breaker' or do like many of us do and remove links the old hard way by grinding the pins and punching them out with a hammer and a punch. I do not own a chain breaker and I've heard that the cheaper ones found at Walmart do not stand up to the task. A good motorcycle, and some bicycle shops will be able to do the job for you but you'll need an exact measurement, or take the bike to them to do the work.
The chain is called a 'roller chain' and unless you purchase a 'half link' you'll need to remove two links at a time, not just one. The master link requires two identical rollers. sort of a male/female thing, like a garden hose, to join the ends, if that makes sense. Hope this helps. If not get back to us and we'll try to get you going.
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