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Default My Build Plans: Bike, Motor and Gears

I'm not new to motorbiking or motorcycling, but this will be my first full self-built motorbike. Bought an old Kawi trailbike as a DD and discovered it needed some work-- while performing a full restoration I need something to ride that doesn't need a licence is easy on gas etc.

So, performance requirements are:

-Brake light/taillight (must be switch activated or bar controllable)
-Centre-mount Chinese 80cc smoker, preferabley slanthead
-Jackshaft kit on 5 or more speed cassette
-Cruising speed of 40mph and top speed of 45-50. (I have gone up to 50 on other motorbicycles so I know how to handle speed).

Some questions- is it possible to mount an HT on a bike with rear suspension (in my case still a V-frame, just a rear monoshock) with a jackshaft kit and not have the chain tense or bottom out? It seems to make sense (as I can pedal it just fine and all the jackshaft does is send power to pedals>freewheel>rear wheel. Want to make sure before I spend a bunch of money though.

What is the best thing to buy (ebay) for the lighting setup that I need? Battery, friction, or white-wire powered? And where could I find a brake light with a switch (bar or lever mounted).

Finally I tune smokers occaisionally, so if I'm able to get decent (5-6) hp out of this HT as I've done with previous ones, could I get to 50mph? Don't care if the engine is screaming at that speed because that isn't my cruising speed; I need it to get to 40 and cruise smoothly as that's my average commuting speed.

Thanks for your help.

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