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Default Spark plug issue need help really!!

OK so I was reading around the forums for better spark plugs and ignition wire and I decided to buy the ngk plug everybody here uses works great I also got automotive ignition wire perfect as well very flexible as it's getting colder in in Winnipeg. Now my problem the bike ran fine going to a friends house for mourning run but on the way back it started nice then as soon as I stop on the sign it died would not start at all. the compression was strong no spark on the new plug and I had to pedal home now there is power coming from the engine to the ignition coil but no spark my ngk. I gave her pedaling down my back line started run for less than a second then died now these plugs are brand new the ignition wire is fine as soon as I put the old plug in it start just am I missing something or is my engine really picky I don't know way it wont start with an aftermarket plug NGK 6 for the rest but I got the right one can anyone help me with this problem I don't trust the reliability of the stock plug thanks for the input. PS I also used plugs that I know work and and test the ngk plug works fine.
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