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Default Re: Cranbrook, Chain shake/flap/slap

Yeah, sorry Tom - It is an adjustable tensioner, but just not quite adjustable enough meh Everything works, I just cant put the tensoner where I want it yet.

Without a guide my chain will hit the stays, but even so the chain would be a hair to short or way too long for that anyway - depending on where I wanted to put the master.

With the guide to bring the chain up and back a bit, it clears the stays but I have a limited range of fore and aft movement of the guide before it's out of alignment with the sprockets, and not quite enough vertical height to take up the slack even in it's furthest reward position without getting to close to the sprocket. At it's lowest setting and all the way forward I'm back to the problem of 1/2 link too short or a link too long... "It's so almost"

An interesting problem, some of it due to how high my engine is relative to the rear sprocket, some of it is the angle my chainstays have and where it puts the guide should I move it forward or back.

When I first put the chain on, a 1/2 link would have fixed it right up and been the perfect length. I didn't have a 1/2 link and they worry me anyway (maybe unnecessarily), I figured that I'd cut it as short as I could and wait till the chain settled in and shorten it then. Currently the tensioner/guide is all the way aft and raised almost all the way, tho it works it's not ideal - doesn't matter though because I was checkin' it out a minute ago and I think I have enough to take that link out now

I'll admit there's ways I could have fixed this, I have another tensioner, the other style with two mounting bolts - that one has a more vertical adjusting slot and thus more reach, but I don't think those hold as well undrilled. I could grind this one so the slot is longer, or... I could wait 50 miles or so lol I'll also admit I'm picky as heck about havin' just the right amount of slack, my last confession is I need to rid myself of that treacherous roller mount altogether and make one that spans the bars...

edit: Wow - I rambled on o_O I suppose "There's not enough adjustment" woulda sufficed heh

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