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Default Re: New 2 all this and need advice please

Originally Posted by freewheeling frank View Post
my 2 cents worth spend a little more and go with something with brakes and multi speeds i have a cranbrook- single speed- coaster brakes, the brakes are just not enough, i push this with a 66cc two stroke, also have ajag with a honda clone great brakes i also pull an instep trailer with all my bikes, i have hauled a lotta stuff with it groceries etc but my instep has plastic wheels, no bearings. im gonna buy a schinn with good wheels soon, anyways welcome good luck and take care of those girls i raised 3 myself thank god there all grown now and dont get too demanding these days havent had one ask me to bail em out for almost a year, see ya later frank
Instep has several models. The lightning model like mine has spoke wheels and bearings. It is a solid trailer. I priced the Schwinn and thought the instep was a better deal, especially for the money, but see what you can find used. AZBill here on the forum uses the same trailer for his grand daughters as I'm using.
I agree that you need more than just a coaster brake and being able to pedal easily is a good idea, especially since you will be pedaling and braking with a heavier load. Even if you are not planning to go fast, good brakes are important and even though you will have a motor there will still be times when you need to pedal, perhaps on hills, if the motor quits on you for some reason or if you don't go with a dual start and need to pedal to start it then gears such as with a seven speed, is a good idea.
Someday when I grow up I will probably lose interest in toys with wheels, but until then...
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