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Default Re: Apple juice tank

Sure - we've tons of jun... erm... "used & surplus" stuff here heh, I think these are supposed to be destined for scrap metal weight anyway (someday). I can no doubt have 'em if I want - just wanted to mention that my boss might want a few pennies were someone else to show up and want a few.

Filthy capitalist lol

I'll check for removable/screwed in endcaps & size when I head out fer lunch... I might grab a couple myself even tho I've no need for them... yet

I am gonna scrounge more for the ol' brass ones - I like the shiny too

edit: Well, it looks like just about all of 'em have a screw top and although I didn't thread to see pitch etc, - they almost all seem to be a 1" fitting. There were a coupla exceptions, but those were either huge canisters and/or weird ones (atypical handles/triggers). If ya want a more detailed description - I'll hafta drag one into the shop to tear it apart, I can do this if ya want

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