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Default Re: Is it still a bicycle?

Yes it is a pull start. Has about the same resistance as a chain saw or weed wacker. As far as I know, all 4 strokes are pull start because of their centrifigul clutches. People generally start the 2 strokes by pedalling until the engine starts. You can get a pull start for 2 strokes, but then you will need a wider crankset to clear the starter. I use a center stand when starting mine so I can rev the engine to make sure it's warmed up OK before riding away. 2 strokes have a clutch handle which will disengage the engine once you start it. The GruBee gearboxes have a disengage lever which will disconnect the power to the final output sprocket. I have the old JL Hoot gearbox which has no disengager. I have had good luck with it so far..... A lot of different bits of info here, but as you are a newbie I'm sure you will be asking a lot more questions. Have fun!!!

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