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Default Re: Cranbrook, Chain shake/flap/slap

Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
Yeah - I can see that, but sadly I still don't have the clearance for even a lil tiny cotter pin lol It'd clip the chainstay and/or kickstand mount (rear mounted) - my master link just clears (even under any side to side play), that cotter pin could just touch... bad news I bet. Heh - my build is a very tight squeeze
Hmmmm... I haven't run into that situation (yet). My chain is right up against the stay too and even wears a little paint off there. Fortunately I've not had to resort to a half link myself.

I'm surprised you can't simply adjust the wheel enough. On my Magnas I did have to remove the "insert" in the right side dropout and put a bolt through the derailleur to allow more rear movement of the axle.
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