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Default Re: New 2 all this and need advice please

Yeah - a lil "heads up" that I wish I had known lol

The motor will most likely run like **** for the first 100-200 miles, other than gently torquing all fasteners and making sure you don't have any air leaks - don't worry about it, the rings haven't seated yet - it'll be a completely different engine once it's broken in.

Also - the "instructions" (such as they are lol) recommend 16:1 - 20:1 mix for your break in. This is excessive and is prolly because of the cheap 2stroke oil/motor oils they use in China - I'd recommend anywhere from 24:1 - 32:1 (depending on courage/engine response) with a quality (but nonsynthetic) 2stroke oil, then once it's broken in (may take up to 300mi) you can switch to a synthetic if ya want

I suppose the biggest thing is get Jim's sprocket adapter - that is by far the biggest problem w/these bikes. The second biggest is the tensoner, advice can be found here;

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