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Default Re: Synthetic Oil Question

Hello all, been researching oils and what it best to do ratio-wise for break in on a 50cc Starfire Gen II-A. Then ratio after for 5300 ft above sea level...if that matters...and 45% hills. I just want to treat the motor optimally (it's may nature and I has to except it) and find out what the veterans have to say.

The 2 oils I have found available around here is the Walmart SuperTech oil and the premium brand, 'Motul dot com' Right now, I have the Supertech cheap-o and one quart of (I think I went overboard and all they had at the moment and mechanic said will work great) is the Motul 800 Off Road Factory Line (cannot post links it) It is motul dot com

Motul also has and can trade out the 800 I have for it is, Motul Scooter Power 100% Synthetic anti smoke

Other than those oils, I would have to order online.

If you need more info from me, let me know and will get back asap!

Thanks for your time and input!!

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