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Default Re: Apple juice tank

Originally Posted by silverbear View Post
Just wrote a response which must uave been intercepted by cyborgs or something. Anyway, thanks for the tips on building up the aluminum where it will be tapped for vent and fuel line. Perfect. I have some of those aluminum solering rods, but never tried them. Now I will!
Below are three photos. Fist is the Coleman fuel tank with the copper fittings. Second shows the fittings in place. Third shows the fittings ground down some so that they stick out and up less. Also shown is the aluminum under where the Coleman logo had been.
Next time I'm at the hardware I'm going to look for something better for the fuel "cap". I also have a fire extinguisher of the newer type (red steel and not brass) which is of the same shape as the Coleman tank, but several inches longer and slightly larger in diameter. Since it is still a good fire extinguisher I don't want to experiment with it, but when I find another which is used up I'd like to remove the fitting at the nozzle end and see what could be used to fit in there. It appears to be screwed in and may well be 3/4". That would be nice. I'm planning to use the Coleman tank mounted between the crossbars on my 50 Schwinn straightbar... fits right in there. My Worksman paperboy has a little more room between the crossbars and a fire extinguisher would fit. Looks like it would hold maybe a quart and a half of gasoline. One of those might also look good on a rear rack lengthwise.
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