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Default Re: Apple juice tank

Originally Posted by Norman View Post
I must say I like the juice can fuel tank. If you want to thread very thin aluminum I've found that harbor freight sells an aluminum solder( this solder is probably sold other places) that you can use with a propane torch. you can build up the area you want to tap with this solder shape it with a dremel tool and drill then tap the hole. You can even solder beer cans with this solder. Now there would be a fuel tank bud cans soldered together or those small kegs.
For non vented fuel caps almost any tin can that is threaded would work on a tin can set up you can get inventive for the vent system.
Just wrote a response which must uave been intercepted by cyborgs or something. Anyway, thanks for the tips on building up the aluminum where it will be tapped for vent and fuel line. Perfect. I have some of those aluminum solering rods, but never tried them. Now I will!
Below are three photos. Fist is the Coleman fuel tank with the copper fittings. Second shows the fittings in place. Third shows the fittings ground down some so that they stick out and up less. Also shown is the aluminum under where the Coleman logo had been.
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