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Default Re: Is it still a bicycle?

Originally Posted by UncleKudzu View Post
how bikable is a motorized bike? if the clutch were disengaged on one of the 70cc 2-stroke set-ups could a body still pedal without turning the engine?

i'm wondering if i should motorize my decent old motorized bicycle or build a dedicated motored bike. my old bike has a diamond frame which i've read is good for conversion, but i don't want totally get out of pedaling.

the newb thanks you in advance.

I built my motorbike around a 15 year old MB. It sounds like yours might be similiar to mine. I used a 4 stroke frame mount kit which bolted on with no problems or modifications. I had to use the wide crankset with a single chainring (came with the kit) so I have the seven lowest speeds for pedaling. With a 2 stroke kit, you can use the original crankset so you will still pedal with all the original speeds. Using a rack mount kit will also allow you to keep all the original speeds. The older motorized bicycle is nice to start with because of compatibility with kits, good brakes, and multi speeds for pedaling. I would get my feet wet with the motorized bicycle first and then maybe switch the kit over to a bike more to your lliking. Maybe even have two motorbikes. One 2 stroke and one 4 stroke.

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