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Default Re: Apple juice tank

Originally Posted by bairdco View Post
if it's already threaded, teflon tape should be enough to seal it. you could also try a copper or aluminum "crush washer" like cars have on the oil plug. if it's dry and clean, JB weld will work, too. i had to seal one of my studs on the crappy peanut tank, and it hasn't leaked yet.

is that the tank from the coleman dual fuel three burner? i was just looking at those the other day for my goodyear. let me know how it works.
Thanks for the tips on sealing the threaded end of the aluminum tank.
No, this is an aluminum fuel tank so that campers can carry extra fuel. It is about the size of a propane tank (not the squat one, but the one you'd use with a torch) and it has a threaded plastic stopper at the end. It is the end that a 3/4" copper male fitting will screw in to. The one I got is aluminum colored, as if it were clean coated. When I used fine steel wool to remove the "Coleman" logo, the aluminum inderneath shined up nicely, so if this tank works out I'll buff up the whole thing. It should look nice.
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