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Default Re: Cranbrook, Chain shake/flap/slap

I just completed my first build and I am having the exact problems as StillDoc. My bike is Santa Fe, same as Cranbrook, just earlier version. I have the sprocket and adapter from Creative Engineering. I believe my trouble is with the tensioner as I think it is feeding the chain onto the sprocket in a slight twist with the inside of the chain being lower than the outside. I am going to try to remove the tensioner but fear the chain may hit the stay. If I roll my bike forward looking down onto the chain from above, I can see a little daylight between the sprocket and chain on the inside. If I roll it backward I can see a little daylight on the outside of the sprocket. Anyway, it definitely is not smooth. I had a 750cc Norton Altas with a worn drive gear and when I would get on it hard in first gear it would sometimes slip a little. The vibration and noise of my bike reminds me of that. Certainly not smooth, and I am about ready to either pull my remaining hair out, or shoot this thing.
I believe whatever will help Doc will help me too.
Thanks to all or I wouldn't have gotten it going in the first place.

D. J.
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