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Default Re: SUCCESS and questions...

Have you read some of my BS posts yet? You might find answers to some of your questions there.
Norms 2-stroke repair corner is where they are at check out the sticky posts these are posts that are stuck to the top of the list of posts and don't move when a new post is put up making them easier to find.
The noise you hear is it a sort of squealing noise? If so remove the clutch arm cover pull out the short rod that goes into the center of the drive sprocket there should be a ball bearing behind it if it looks just a little bit dry grease it and the rod that will stop the squealing.
For me the out board oil from walmart worked fine. I've since switched to the syn. oil that walmart sells it Polan syn. oil I mix it at 40 to 1 and I've found that it allows my engines more power and no smoke.

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