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Question SUCCESS and questions...

Hi everyone, I can now happily post success on my first build! It was a real pain to build, especially because the frame was too big and we had to custom make some mounts, and then we had allignment issues, etc. I might say that it was well worth it though, i'm really happy with it... to a point.

I have noticed that even though since we moved over the engine, I havent eaten up any more chains, but whenever I hold in the clutch going down a hill or use throttle less than accelerating and maintaining speed, I get the same chain rattling and noise that I had before, and there's some really nasty noises too. Besides freewheelin', is there any way to fix this? It runs fine under engine power, its just when the wheel is pushing the chain.

Also, I'm breaking it in using 20:1 two stroke outboard oil, I have read that this isn't recommended but it also says it works on all two stroke air and water cooled engines. Is this something I should be freaking out about? I haven't even ran a whole gallon through it yet.

I was also wondering about the effectiveness of simple performance mods such as drilling holes in the stock muffler endcap and removing the baffles. Does anyone have experience with these? Are there any better simple mods?

Thanks in advance!
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