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Default Re: what's your greatest/cheapest score on bikes or parts?

wow. that's a nice find right there.

some more stuff i've had over the years:

back before online auctions and classifieds, it was all about the "recycler" free ad newspaper. i got a 1970's Kawasaki BMX bike from some old guy who's son used to race MX for them. the bike was a prototype for the production ones. serial number was "proto12." all aluminum, swingarm frame banana seat, box handlebars... all complete but old and corroded for 50 bucks. i spent a week wet-sanding the nicks out of the frame, polishing it, restoring it to new. even called kawasaki and got an owners manual and new frame stickers. i rode that bike to the beach all the time, and ended up selling it for $600 on the spot to some guy that stopped me on my way to the liquor store.

found an old Mongoose Roger DeCoster at a swap meet for 20 bucks, and a month later found a set of motomags for 25. ebayed that one for $550.

working one night near a fencing company, and there was a pile of old farm equipment, and an old tandem. paid 80 for it, never found out what kind it was, but it was a skiptooth and had wooden wheels. that thing laid around in my backyard for awhile, till i decided to sell it. 1200 bucks!

had a worksman INB, orange, with "weapons ready" stenciled on the frame. i think it was from Camp Pendelton. found it in the back of a van of a "pic-a-part" auto salvage, and paid 20 for it. it was missing a chain and the seat. rode that thing for years, and sold it to a friend for 100. i miss that bike...

there's more, but that's enough for now.
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