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Default 2 sprockets on one wheel?

Has any one done this? I have the stock 44t sprocket on the left side of the wheel with the normal sandwich together rubber packers, but i just bought a 36T sprocket and want to try that. But if I don't like it, or want to switch back and forth, I don't want to spend the hours of painstakingly getting all the bolts perfect each time.
I was thinking about just adding a packer between the 44t and add the 36t to the outside of the original. Of course take all the bolts out and realign them, but with two sprockets rather than two. Get what I'm sayin? It's hard to explain. I don't for see a problem with the room I have, and if I want to switch gears, I just move the chain over, and move the tensioner to another spot to take up the slack. Obviously not a moving shift...
Whats your thoughts? Possible?
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