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Default Re: The creation of CRU

***This is my first take of the CRU guidelines. I'm posting to see what everyone's opinion is***

CRU Guidelines.

As a unit, our goal is to unite all motor bicycle riders, and raise awareness to the world of motorized bicycles. We want to seek every possible means of scouting out and gaining more CRU riders, worldwide. The point of CRU, is to raise money for charities, by either holding rallies, bike shows, races, etc, and including the general public, give a good, solid reputation to motor bicyclists everywhere.
Charity comes first, CRU will only profit if a charity profits as well. Meaning, all funds will be evaluated, and a percentage will go to charity, and a percentage will go to the next rally. The point, have some fun, have our meet and greets, with a group ride, but instead of just meet and go, we include the public, say like a motorized bicycle show, etc, and use our connection to the higher good, raising some money for various charities.
Every CRU member will respect all traffic laws, and be considerate of other vehicles on the road, giving right of way and respecting all pedestrians. Garbage, engine fluids, or broken bike parts shall be disposed of properly at any event, to maintain a good, clean reputation.
Our mission, CRU members, is to be as courteous, polite, and respectful as possible, to gain respect, and make it very enjoyable for all who attend our events, leaving them wanting more.
CRU President,
Damien Hannah

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