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Default Re: Is there a difference between the skyhawk and the starfire

Originally Posted by Hot Dog Piggy Tails View Post
Actually no you got the 23 needles your good to go. I am online with my Plant manager as we speak and the latest shipment which was July were the needles instead of the GR..I mean bad casted needle bearing case!

As far as your 48 cc Starfire goes Milling the Square part almost all the way (I went all the way) off the head is a compression boost it needs. Also using silicone on your intake to carb slide junction is the best performance tips I can give you.

I have that engine you have there but with the 8mm studs I finally got them to change to the bigger head studs, And Better paint for the exhaust, A little more ballanced crank, Lower Intake casting, and Higher exhaust port casting. You got a real performer though. Got to go Sir. Peace.
the gen 2 steel sleeve starfire?? with 8 mm studs? or the jet? confused lol thanks
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