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Default Re: Is there a difference between the skyhawk and the starfire

No actually there is a big difference first is the match as far as the transfer ports then there is the Quality of the lower end Bearing (23 Needle verses 16 needle in a poorly Engineered cast)
The Nantong Jiali Manufacturer is known as the better if not the best engine manufacturer exporting these and have lost contracts with people Because they refuse to Mass produce cheap engines.

If you've replaced A starfire with a Jet your Stafire was probably a 48cc'er thats about the only ones left. Also the Starfire is the factory that your Jet was Manued at..And if it is is out of one of the First two shipments of Jet Engine they have lower end problems due to the fact a Customer I wont say no names but is actually thier competitor convinced them to use a Poorly casted Lower end Needle casing. They all need replaced. As a matter of fact the ones that are correct and Have 23 needles are still on thier way too them. I never received the 16K Needle bearing with the problem because I have the prints too it and refused to Allow them every order to put them on the bottom of my Connecting rod.

I deal with this factory and its Management Exporter and are very good friends talking at least once a week.

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