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Default Re: What kind of bike is this????

Originally Posted by Dan View Post
Dunno John-John. Yesterday I had decided to focus on making just one awesome MB. Today, I saw at least 3 concepts here I want to build. Is a sad yet so very fun addiction. So, I really dunno if it would be worth it to you. Could build it with the thought of selling. I have never had much luck with that though. Not that they don't sell, they do. More just the fact that a monkey can't sell bananas.

on a MP 2009 Felt MP

And came up with a way to not use a GB on a 4 banger, LOL!

forgive the rambling. Just sayin' it is kinda like asking the drunk on the next barstool if we drink to much.

So I vote; Build it!

(and of course, strongly advise you to completely ignore any and all of my advise)
Im going to have to think this over....I l love the felt MP cruiser,been wanting one of those for a long time....If I build this bike I will not sell it unless I was offered alot....I want to have 2 bikes at all times so I have a back up incase one breaks down....
IF I CANT FIX IT,IT ISN'T BROKEN!....ummmmmmm so I thought....
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