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Default Re: What kind of bike is this????

Originally Posted by fall_down_stand_up View Post
This is what I will have to put into the bike to have it ready for a engine kit....
40.00 heavy duty 2.125 12 gauge spoke rim for rear with coaster break(factory rim is wasted)
50.00 for tires and tubes
49.00 for chrome springer fork
25.00 for chrome remover and wal-mart rubber tank to put the remover in
40.00 for chrome double hanger fenders
10.00 for new chain
224.00 total
Thats now including all the bells and wistles,such as speeomoter,headlight,tail light,bent seat post,etc....
Its a very cool looking bike,but would you put that kind of money into it????I know it will be nice when im done,but undecided after looking at all the stuff I need to buy....
Dunno John-John. Yesterday I had decided to focus on making just one awesome MB. Today, I saw at least 3 concepts here I want to build. Is a sad yet so very fun addiction. So, I really dunno if it would be worth it to you. Could build it with the thought of selling. I have never had much luck with that though. Not that they don't sell, they do. More just the fact that a monkey can't sell bananas.

on a MP 2009 Felt MP

And came up with a way to not use a GB on a 4 banger, LOL!

forgive the rambling. Just sayin' it is kinda like asking the drunk on the next barstool if we drink to much.

So I vote; Build it!

(and of course, strongly advise you to completely ignore any and all of my advise)
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