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Default Re: What kind of bike is this????

- that's a nice bike . Go to true value hardware and buy a small can of Oxallic Acid ( Wood Bleach ) . It comes in crystals . Use a giant container or barrel ( plastic will be fine ) big enough to emerge the frame . Fill the container with water add the OA ( about half of the contents will do ) . Leave it over night ( 6-12 HOURS or longer depending on condition of parts ) , come back the next day . Rinse the frame and parts with water , then immediately spray WD-40 on them and wipe down . You can use Mother's or the like to complete the Job with a good polish . I built a lot of os BMX bikes last year and it really helped that hobby tremendously . It made me never look at rusty bike and think " what's the point " .. Be carefull , wear gloves , it is acid . Way Way better than steel wool or any other abrasives . I hope this helps . again very cool bike !
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