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Default Re: Prices really dropping on e-bay!

Originally Posted by Bikeguy Joe View Post

You spent 800 bucks in the last two months on these things, but you told me you didn't have any money and needed a throttle cable, C clip and carb slide!

Now I have a box of spare parts that used to be a full kit, and you are caught in a lie.

Not cool.
No need to explain anything even though i will,I spoke with him through pm.Hes got the so called story of mine all mixed around.Yes most of the money i had for my bikes was spent before I even came to this forum.Weeks later got my first kit needed a few carb parts so I posted a wanted ad on here for the parts if someone had SPARES for free.First motor was crap an my second motor had a few common problems throttle cable slide would not fit.Joe,I must quote you on this (Now I have a box of spare parts that used to be a full kit) You just explained to me in pm that you didn't have any more spares or kits (you sold them all) Hm now what is this man? Let alone the replies you sent back to me that were terribly disrespectful,I've been respectful to you the day you messaged me an you call me a liar because the parts were used for the new motor? There's absolutely no reason to argue,you've brought this up two times now.No its not cool at all

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